What To Do If The Intercom Key Is Broken Or Lost

Woman talking on the intercom and presses the button to open the door

Sometimes it happens that the intercom key is lost or broken. We will tell you why they fail and what to do in this case.

Why do intercom keys stop working

The intercom key is not a magnet, as many people think, but an electronic device, inside which, roughly speaking, there is a microboard. And like any other device, the intercom key is subject to deformation, corrosion and mechanical damage. There are two main reasons why intercom keys stop working.

Sloppy handling

Intercom keys often hang in a common bundle with other metal keys. We often put key bunches in bags along with other items, in trouser pockets, where keys are together with a phone, travel card, and plastic cards. Sometimes we accidentally drop our keys into puddles or snow. It also happens that we ask household members to throw our keys out of the window or balcony for us if they have forgotten them in a hurry when leaving the house.

Due to damage caused by careless handling, intercom keys simply break. With such a key it will not be possible to make a working duplicate, it will not be readable on the key holder’s copying equipment. A broken key can be safely thrown away – it will not be possible to repair or restore it.

Doorphone firmware update

Intercom companies periodically put so-called “filters” that filter out non-original intercom keys. It is important to understand that the copied key is different from the original. That is, the “native” keys still work, but the copied ones do not.

Where and how to make a new key from the intercom

There are two options: contact the management company or make a duplicate in one of the key making workshops. A duplicate of the intercom key can only be made according to a working sample.

Option one 

Apply for a new key from the management company that serves your home. In the management company, as a rule, there are duplicate keys from the intercom. Ask for a new key there – especially if the update of passwords and keys to intercoms was planned.

Option two

Make a new key in the workshop. Making a duplicate is most reliable in large workshops, and not in small shops. Workshops, firstly, give a check. If the key suddenly did not work, you can come back with a check and ask to redo the duplicate or return the money. Secondly, large workshops usually use more modern equipment, which means that the chance of “running into a problem will be lower

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